YTKO assists innovative Greentech company in commercialisation strategy

Norfolk Breckland’s ECOspray aims to reduce the use of synthetic pesticides, offering a safe, sustainable solution for food production.

ECOspray aimed to develop naturally based biopesticides formulated from plant extracts, particularly garlic. Garlic has been around for millennia and is well known for its culinary and curative properties, as well as its use in crop pest control. The challenge was to develop a product of sufficient quality and purity to satisfy regulatory bodies

We’re only now discovering some of the problems of prolonged pesticide exposure as well as the associated costs of cleaning up. On the other hand, not treating pests is not an answer either. For example, red mites cause considerable distress to poultry and in extreme cases, death. The UK poultry industry suffers a loss in excess of £4 million per annum just through this one pest.

Research Director Dr. Murree Groom

When their first trials on a North American strain were not a success, ECOspray embarked upon a demanding development programme with a different type of garlic. They were able to produce a very high quality pure extract that was consistent batch after batch, but which still retained its unique benefits as a food grade material.

After many years of development and trials, and an extremely lengthy and comprehensive UK regulatory process, ECOspray received what is thought to be the first-ever European approval for their first product, Breck-a-Sol™. This environmentally benign product can be used to control red mite in poultry houses not only in the UK, but in international markets around the world.

At this stage in their journey, Ecospray turned to YTKO for help with the commercialisation of their products. YTKO provided advice in the development of their domestic and European marketing strategy, including their adoption of e-commerce and a customer relationship management process and system. YTKO also assisted in creating a suite of collateral for their first six target countries.

After many years of hard work, we’re finally ready to bring the first of our products to market. I’m delighted to have been able to work with YTKO on our European commercialisation strategy, and in development of a compelling value proposition and marketing messages for our target markets. I recommend YTKO’s services to any other company operating in a similar marketplace.

David Sadler-Bridge, ECOspray CEO