Embedded Intelligence

The funding provided by GetSet Solent has been instrumental in improving our web presence and search engine optimisation, leading to better chance of conversion of sales….

Phil Clark, founder of Embedded IT Limited, has spent years advising business clients on how to procure and manage technology suppliers, but wanted to make that expertise more accessible to its clients through an online portal Embedded Intelligence, which analyses the key trends in the complex technology sector.

Phil has worked in the technology sector for over 25 years, ranging from technical to commercial roles at some of the biggest IT companies around.  In 2014, he decided to start his own consultancy to bring that broad experience to the market as advice to companies looking to work with IT companies, primarily around the complex evolving market that was cloud.  Since that point, the technology sector has not slowed down, and more and more people are seeking expert advice on how to find the right supplier.

Embedded Intelligence was developed between Phil and some colleagues, designed to look at the technology sector as if a person was manually researching it.  Pretty soon, over time, it grew to cover all 350,000 IT companies in the UK, looking at key attributes such as location, business model, financial information etc.  Structuring all of this information into a database that can be easily searched and filtered brings immediate value to its users, helping them personalise their search for an IT supplier in a really simple form.

“We want the information that is generally accessible to specialist / niche technology procurement professionals to be available to everyone, to ensure this complicated technology sector is more accessible.  It’ll also give more choice to the buyers of technology, promoting brands that maybe haven’t been as well marketed as some of the traditional bigger players.”

Phil continues “When we developed the service we focused very much on the technology we were deploying (because we are fairly geeky ourselves!), but didn’t have the skills or bandwidth to build the more marketing and web presence aspects of the site.  Having the funding to develop that as an extension to the core service has been invaluable.”