Angela Knox – Marketing on Tap

“GetSet Solent has been a great support enabling me to get established and meet other businesses in a similar position”…

After over 30 years of working in marketing for companies rooted in the financial services, B2B, SaaS and technology, Angela Knox decided to start-up her own marketing consultancy business and become her own boss. 

She launched Marketing On Tap in November 2022 and is putting her wealth of experience into supporting clients with their branding, marketing strategy, digital output, content and more. 

“Marketing On Tap is a consultancy business offering a range of flexible marketing services to businesses to plug the skills gap, which is now all too common. Since the pandemic, many employers have found it difficult to recruit the right talent. I can help companies boost their marketing output by providing an infill service either temporarily or on a more long-term basis.”

Angela joined GetSet Solent to help her grow the business more quickly. 

“GetSet Solent has been a great support enabling me to get established and meet other businesses in a similar position or searching for freelance marketing support. It’s also introduced me to potential suppliers who I can work with to provide some marketing services, such as SEO.”

GetSet Solent provides a range of in-person and online sessions to help members gain more knowledge and skills. It also provides 1:1 support, access to specialists and business grants. 

“The workshops and webinars have been a wonderful way to network with other local businesses and learn or be reminded of tips and tricks to help me grow my business and stay up to date with the ever-evolving marketing industry. 

“I’m working with GetSet Solent to prepare the paperwork I need to apply for the GetSet Solent Grant. It involves me writing a business plan in the format required to present a strong case for funds needed to get my business off to a flying start.

“I’d like to develop my website and optimise it for Google search. I also plan to widen the net and generate more leads by purchasing software to help me with outreach campaigns. 

“My focus over the next 12-18 months is on building a predictable monthly income and a sustainable level of work that will enable me soon to collaborate with freelance associates or employ a team.” 

Angela offers a free 30-minute Marketing MOT for businesses interested in her services. Visit Marketing On Tap to book a session and find out more.