Will Howden – AMufacture 

Find out how a 3D printing company used the GetSet Solent programme to help expand the business…

AMufacture is an established on-demand 3D printing company that works closely and collaborates with its customers to help them reduce waste, costs and lead times. 

Chief Operating Officer, Will Howden is an Olympic sailor who has worked in the marine industry for most of his professional life. When he founded the business, it made sense to start work with clients in the marine industry, which has embraced 3D printing in recent years as a means of making better quality parts. 

“3D printing is rising in popularity and is being used in everyday life within business and the home. There are many advantages to using 3D printing. Speed of turnaround is very important. Being able to make bespoke parts in small quantities or customise each individual part is particularly useful, especially in the marine industry where they are likely to need short production runs as opposed to thousands of the same part.”

Amufacture is also working with clients in renewable energy, the sport and leisure industry and exploring the potential of medical devices, in particular cranial helmets for babies. They have created a programme to print custom built supports that can help correct the shape of a baby’s skull. 

GetSet Solent proved to be an invaluable resource for Amufacture. The program offered dedicated face-to-face sessions with expert advisors in Business Finance and Marketing. Through these personalised consultations, Amufacture gained actionable insights into optimising their financial strategies and developing effective marketing campaigns.

“GetSet Solent has also helped us with our marketing and business planning, which is ensuring we make the most of the investment. Their guidance and support were instrumental in enhancing our marketing initiatives and streamlining their business planning.”

As a result, the company saw a notable increase in their market presence, brand awareness, and customer engagement. Additionally, the improved financial strategies helped optimise their investments and overall financial stability.

Currently based in Whiteley, Will plans to re-locate the business to larger premises along the M27 corridor and they are looking for investment. 

“We want to expand the business by bringing in more printers and steadily growing the team in the UK. The next steps beyond that will be opening an office abroad to service customers in Europe more easily and ensure a personal client experience for them as well.” 

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