Faithworks – Help and Hope for those in Need

We spoke to Ruth Argles, Communications Lead at Faithworks in Bournemouth.

Running for 15 years, Faithworks is a not for profit, independent charity solely focused on helping people get out of crisis and isolation, giving them renewed hope for a more positive future.

The small team supports a wide range of initiatives locally and is currently involved in 14 wide-ranging projects across the region, including Food Banks, befriending carers, debt advice, homelessness and helping single parents. Building on their existing links with Christian churches, there is considerable scope to build wider regional awareness and understanding around the charity’s aims and good works.   Having a strong volunteer network and communicating tangible results is also essential for future-proofing their future growth.

Ruth discovered the GetSet service online and was impressed not only by the range of content but by the ease of accessing the quality resources locally.  Keen to build her skills and communications confidence she has taken full advantage of the range of support this year including workshop training and 1:1 mentoring.   As a small charity with minimal marketing investment, she now feels better equipped and ready to explore the potential of social marketing and blog content too in order to build the wider Faithworks community of interest.

She says: It’s a great resource, a blessing that it is funded with mentoring support where needed.  There is a real energy with GetSet and wonderful to be able to absorb it”.

Ruth and the Faithworks team are now looking ahead with a renewed sense of purpose and keen to make further investment in digital channels to help them get their name and work in front of more and more people including funders.

Ruth says to other charities considering the value of the service:

I would definitely encourage them to contact GetSet – it will encourage them that they are not on their own.  It’s fully funded, with in depth training and very flexible to the needs of the individual.”