Simon Blacker – Allies of Nature

GetSet Adapt has been a lifeline to me and has given me something to aim for as I now head into the future….

Simon Blackler has been in business within the personal development sector for many years, but never really made the breakthrough that he desired, or been able to help as many people as he would have liked, through people not consistently engaging in his message.    

In 2018, after a period of retraining, he widened his services as a life coach to include being a shamanic and flower essence practitioner. Simon believed that nature holds the answers to our own happiness and this inspired him to create the Allies Of Nature brand. 

He got in touch with GetSet Adapt as he realised that there was still something missing from his messaging; he needed help with his business, his overall pitch and tone of voice on his website. He found the support he received from Get Set Adapt’s Business Advisors second to none, they helped him to “think differently about his services, thinking more in terms of what the customer was seeking”.

“The work I did with the GetSet Adapt team has helped me to focus on aspects of the business which I needed to change in order to present the right message to my potential market,” explained Simon. He attended workshops to build his skills in sales and marketing as well as getting his own mindset right for business success. He also had 1:1 coaching sessions which helped him to consider the challenges he faced and to come up with potential new solutions. “We discussed my value proposition and how this might be affected by the current cost of living crisis for example.”

“I found the workshop sessions useful as it brought together a variety of small businesses and experts in their fields, each with a fresh take on what I was offering.” GetSet Adapt, “helped to grow my confidence in the business and to look for ways to generate and build a strong pipeline of customers.”

He describes the support as “opening his eyes to a new way of thinking, where I now realise I am here to help people rediscover their joy”. Other tools that have been useful to him include building an ascension model, which takes his customers on a journey through all of his products and services. 

“The GetSet Adapt team have also helped me to give myself permission to accept where I am in terms of the business and that there is a pathway forward for me.”

Simon has a range of plans to expand the extent of the services he offers and is taking a positive approach thanks to the support from GetSet Adapt – “it’s been a lifeline to me and has given me something to aim for as I now head into the future”.

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