Lorna Evans – Time & Tide

How busy business mentor and well being coach Lorna Evans is rethinking and rebranding her business with a little help from GetSet Adapt…

The irony of a business mentor and wellbeing coach taking on too many tasks and trying to run simultaneous businesses is not lost on Lorna Evans, who describes meeting an advisor from the GetSet Adapt programme as “lifechanging.”

With twenty years-experience working in management and strategic leadership, Lorna is well equipped to provide support and advice to people looking to discover focus in their lives. She describes how until recently, she was running several businesses alongside a charity with a friend and with also being a surf instructor, was getting very stressed trying to balance everything.

“Meeting Lee from the GetSet Adapt team gave me permission to pause and spend some valuable time figuring out what was important to me and what I enjoyed, which in turn helped me to decide where to focus my energy,” explained Lorna.

“I realised that there were overlaps in what I enjoyed in my personal life with my professional life, but that I was trying to do everything, and it had all merged into one. I needed clarity and boundaries and by saying stop for a moment, Lee gave me permission to step back and figure out what I wanted to do.”

Lorna went back to basics, rewriting her business plan and working out a clear pathway to achieve her ambitions. She decided to focus on 1:1 and group coaching plus team building workshops to help develop successful teams. She is a qualified Blue Health coach where she incorporates nature and the sea into her work, as she strongly believes in their power to help give people the right environment in which to have the space to think clearly.

She also recognises that being in the outside world helps people creatively and to think clearly about their core values, how they feel and how to be better leaders or managers. “I love to use mentoring alongside coaching with people who are struggling, just as I was, to be comfortable in their place in the world” she adds.

“The clarity I now have in the direction that I want to take in terms of my business, which GetSet Adapt helped me to determine, means that I am more confident in my approach. I am busy networking locally to promote my services as a Business Mentor and Well Being Coach under the company title of Time and Tide”

She has also joined Node Cowork which offers coworking space in North Devon and has put herself forward for a panel talk, as well as exploring ideas to collaborate with another GetSet Adapt client, Lorri Stamp of Willows Tearoom to offer workshops. She will also be providing online coaching as part of her new offer.

She has continued to meet on a 1:1 basis with Lee to review her Business Plan and explore at potential grants to help with her business, particularly on how to expand her B2B marketing.

“I love the time I have with Lee which enables me to bounce ideas around. This has increased my confidence in being able to say no to thing – where before I may have just taken them on, adding to my workload,”

She explains that she is happier now and very optimistic for the future, saying, “I love working with people and threading nature and water into my sessions helps to provide the backdrop for personal and professional exploration of their ideas.” She was recently recognised as a Finalist in the Business-to-Business Excellence Awards by Business Action.

Her advice to anyone in a similar situation, at the start of their business journey, is to have the confidence to change your mind and if your business is not serving you, choose to make it work better for you and your health.

Lorna is busy working on her new logo and website which will launch soon! In the meantime, you can follow her on LinkedIn