Read about some of the great clients GetSet has worked with below.

  • Tom Kennedy – The Crop

    Tom Kennedy – The Crop

    "The GetSet team have given me a great grounding in the area and helped me meet people in the business community through their workshops and events."
  • Nom Wholefoods – delivering plastic free whole foods in Bristol

    Nom Wholefoods – delivering plastic free whole foods in Bristol

    ‘’As most entrepreneurs at the start of their journey, I do everything for the business so don't usually have time to do proper training and research. It's been very helpful to get outside perspectives.’’
  • Twelve Futures – helping businesses be more sustainable

    Twelve Futures – helping businesses be more sustainable

    "GetSet for Growth helped us explore lots of different models for doing that and really think about what works for us."
  • Charlotte Osborne & Chris Dolan – Prolific 10

    Charlotte Osborne & Chris Dolan – Prolific 10

    “A straight-talking marketing and communications agency and HubSpot Solutions Partner that is committed to helping clients grow their businesses by attracting new customers”  
  • Rebecca Dowdy & Scott Blott – Castle Construction

    Rebecca Dowdy & Scott Blott – Castle Construction

    Husband and wife team, Rebecca and Scott run Castle Construction, which recently took advantage of a Invest4 grant to help their business grow.
  • Claudia Kennaugh – Art and People

    Claudia Kennaugh – Art and People

    Claudia Kennaugh set up Art and People to help collectors and support artists after a career in the music industry.
  • Fraser Daun & Jonny Patterson – SelectMyTalent

    Fraser Daun & Jonny Patterson – SelectMyTalent

    We want to improve the way recruitment is carried out within the industry, making it easier for pilots to present themselves to potential employers,
  • Roisin Meredith – Roisin’s Water Kefir

    Roisin Meredith – Roisin’s Water Kefir

    “The business came out of necessity after my daughter  became ill and we struggled to find out how to help her get better.”
  • Mike Ethridge – The Design Print Distribution Group

    Mike Ethridge – The Design Print Distribution Group

    “GetSet For Growth helped to provide clarity to my ideas and put the structure in place to make the plans happen.”
  • British Corner Shop

    British Corner Shop

    Click to watch the video and hear from our client about their journey to growth.
  • Planet Mark Start

    Planet Mark Start

    “YTKO, in partnership with Planet Mark were the lead partners for delivery of the Planet Mark Start programme in the local authority areas of Bristol, Bath and N.E. Somerset and South Gloucestershire.”
  • Too Many T-Shirts

    Too Many T-Shirts

    “I have gained invaluable advice from GetSet for Growth.  Being a solo business owner, sometimes you need that sounding board to clarify your thoughts.  GetSet for Growth have helped me to grow my business to a point where I can now concentrate on my future business strategy. ”
  • H Sweet & Sons

    H Sweet & Sons

    Click to watch the video and hear from our client about their journey to growth.
  • The Spanish Guitar Hub

    The Spanish Guitar Hub

    “I feel so lucky and grateful to have an opportunity like this. It is amazing that you offer this to people. Thank you!”
  • Faithworks


    “It’s a great resource, a blessing that it is funded with mentoring support where needed. There is a real energy with GetSet and wonderful to be able to absorb it”
  • The Strawberry Thief

    The Strawberry Thief

    "When an organisation works with YTKO they will identify ways to help their business financially, as well as environmentally."
  • Halcyan Water Conditioners

    Halcyan Water Conditioners

    “The support we received from YTKO was really important to create a sustainable business model to go with our investment in the ecological technology that we’ve developed”
  • Novel Wines

    Novel Wines

    I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the team at GetSet for Growth. We have gone through a really exciting opportunity for growth with an investor coming on board and our business growing by over 150% year on year."
  • Brush Baby

    Brush Baby

    “I would highly recommend any business owner to use GetSet for Growth – it’s one of the best Government initiatives that I have ever found. The business advisers have gained knowledge of various industries and bring a wealth of experience to their roles.” 
  • Food for Thought Cookery School

    Food for Thought Cookery School

    “I can’t speak highly enough of GetSet. Having someone else looking at your business who is not close to you, is fantastic. Asking the ‘why’, is really powerful”
  • My Gammie’s Ltd

    My Gammie’s Ltd

    Our experience with GetSet for Growth has been 10/10. All off the staff are friendly, passionate, knowledgeable and prompt.
  • Dorset Marine Training

    Dorset Marine Training

    “I would definitely recommend other people to go along to GetSet. Without help from GetSet, I would have struggled more with the confidence to carry on and survive”.
  • Making Mumpreneurs

    Making Mumpreneurs

    Erin thought ‘Hey - I could run my own business’. She had never thought of doing that before, as no one in her close circle of friends ran their own business.
  • On the Menu

    On the Menu

    GetSet client’s healthy ketchup wins major award
  • Ecospray


    “I'm delighted to have been able to work with YTKO on our European commercialisation strategy, and in development of a compelling value proposition and marketing messages for our target markets.”
  • Green Gardeners

    Green Gardeners

    "GetSet is an excellent tool, which provides affordable mentoring and advice, and is pitched exactly right for a growing business with a limited budget."
  • The Plume

    The Plume

    "I have already started telling people about GetSet for Growth. I have moved further forward with my business in the last 8 weeks than I had done in the previous 8 years."
  • CMA Video

    CMA Video

    "I would definitely recommend the GetSet for Growth programme to other business owners and already have done!"
  • West Coast Academy

    West Coast Academy

    I don’t think I would have moved into my own premises if it wasn’t for GetSet. They gave me the confidence to take this big leap.
  • Kernow Confectionery

    Kernow Confectionery

    "GetSet’s help was crucial in us achieving funding from the GAIN+ fund and it was great to be pointed in the right direction with regards to writing our business plan."
  • Benson & Clegg

    Benson & Clegg

    "GetSet for Growth has given us the skills and confidence in preparing to move the business forward so that we can be equipped to deal with the exciting challenges ahead."
  • Mansa Cleaning Services

    Mansa Cleaning Services

    "My experiences working with GetSet For Growth have all been positive. I've been matched with a great mentor who is very knowledgeable and we are working well together."
  • Bikeworks


    “It was really beneficial to have regular meetings with an external advisor to help move things forward. I would recommend GetSet for Growth to other businesses.”
  • Hartley Bain Solicitors

    Hartley Bain Solicitors

    "Thanks to GetSet, we now implement our marketing activities in a smarter, more strategic manner that yields results."
  • Silly Old Sea Dog

    Silly Old Sea Dog

    “Without GetSet’s help I don’t think that I would have secured my business loan as I am not very confident with figures!”
  • El Rhey

    El Rhey

    GetSet For Growth gave us so many useful ideas, suggestions and action points to move forward with!
  • Chicken & Blues

    Chicken & Blues

    "Working with GetSet was like finding the keys to opened doors for us!"
  • Chris Watts Lighting Design

    Chris Watts Lighting Design

    "Chris Watts came to GetSet for help with growing his business through increased sales and expanding his customer base."
  • Inspired Development

    Inspired Development

    After my first session with GetSet I felt great, empowered and ready to take on the world. Just having a sounding board and getting out of the business environment really does help focus the mind.
  • Buttermilk Confections

    Buttermilk Confections

    It was great working with the team at GetSet as they are an energetic team brimming with new ideas and have a great breadth of experience between them
  • Sleeklight


    “Sleeklight has found the support from GetSet for Growth invaluable. We’ve had fantastic guidance around marketing, gaining financial support and funding."
  • Anja Jones Translation

    Anja Jones Translation

    “I’d recommend GetSet For Growth for their 1:1 hands on practical advice. It’s been so useful to be able to ask their experts very specific questions."