Take a GetSet track, and you're all set for success

Right now, GetSet is offering a wide range of affordable Tracks specifically designed to help small and medium-size businesses gain the growth they deserve. Your local GetSet team also have specialised Tracks for businesses in different sectors or at different stages of their growth.

A Track is like a mini MBA for you and your colleagues. It takes you quickly through the basics, making sure nothing is overlooked in your plans for the future, and then onto a set of in-depth and pragmatic advice and consultancy. We mix workshops, one-to-one advice sessions, research and intensive seminars to make sure you get the very most out of our support.

Tracks are also surprisingly affordable: by running some of our sessions with several noncompeting companies, you pay a lot less for in-depth consultancy. And by making sure that you’re up to speed before the one-to-one and specialist sessions start, we can move you forward quickly and efficiently.

Tracks are a new concept in helping businesses succeed. Many thousands of other firms like you have been helped the GetSet way, just browse and select the Track or Tracks that are right for you.

our tracks

  • Finding Funds for Growth

    Understand all the options to fund your future growth. Loans, investments, crowdfunding, overdrafts, invoice discounting and more – including ramping up the sales and growing organically. Start with an intensive workshop and move on to access all the help you need…

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  • Successful Trading Online

    Already online, or planning to be? We show you the most effective ways of targeting prospects, converting them into customers and building an e-commerce website that just keeps working. Move on from a half-day workshop to a full e-commerce audit and monthly advice and consultancy from experts…

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  • Effective Marketing for Professional Services

    Marketing is so much more than flyers and social media. Work with us to develop an innovative and compelling strategy to attract new clients and enter new markets. Our two hour planning sessions help keep you on track, to budget, and supplied with hot leads, but first start with our introductory workshop…

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  • Manufacturing Growth through Marketing

    For manufacturers, marketing can be seen as an expense not as an investment. We work with you to change that and ensure you get the return on investment – and the sales and success – you deserve from effective marketing strategy and tactics. One workshop sets the scene, and our intensive sessions take it further…

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  • Digital Marketing Essentials

    Harnessing the Internet is now a core sales competence of every firm, whether selling to business or to consumers. But where to start? Our intensive workshop, followed by practical, expert-led one-to-one sessions gives you all you need to know to gain digital visibility, enhance your brand and bolster your reputation…

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  • Mastering Marine Markets and Money

    GetSet's specialist marine track unlocks future growth and profitability for SMEs in the marine sector. Bringing together marketing, finance and operations – including sales and supply chain development – GetSet helps both product and services businesses scale up quickly and affordably…

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