Understand all the options to fund your future growth. Loans, investments, crowdfunding, overdrafts, invoice discounting and more – including ramping up the sales and growing organically. Start with an intensive workshop and move on to access all the help you need…

Finding Funds for Growth

It’s frustrating knowing that, with more funding today, you could build your business, gain more customers and achieve greater profits, but not having that money in the bank ready to deploy.

It’s equally as frustrating being turned down for finance, or being unable to access the equity investment you need to grow.

GetSet specialises in helping companies of all sizes fund their growth. And this GetSet Track does exactly that. Selecting this track helps you and your management team not only raise the money, but also develop a compelling plan for lenders and investors to back your business.

Like all of the GetSet Tracks, this track uses a mix of workshops, one-to-one consultancy sessions, and intensive seminars, to quickly and affordably develop the strategy and tactics you need to fund your growth. Typically, the three steps build into a full support package to help you access finance. Additionally, they also act as an in-depth management review of your entire operation.


Step one

Attend our Funding Your Growth workshop, and, in just half a day you will understand your best options for preparing your firm for funding. Are you suitable for equity investment? Will a bank loan be the best bet? Could you best use alternative finance, such as crowdfunding? is your business plan attractive and compelling to funders? And, could you concentrate on making the business more efficient and profitable, and fund your growth organically? Ideally, your senior management team should all attend to make the best use of this intensive workshop.

Step two

Finding the funding to suit you takes time. That’s why we now work with you, using our comprehensive databases and contacts of funders, to determine the “best fit” to meet your growth plans. Again, it’s useful to have your core management team in these one-to-one discussions: from these, we will have a clear idea of what your next actions for getting funding should be.

Step three

Funders want to know that you have a comprehensive and well considered business plan for growth. They also need to know that your sales and marketing is effective and efficient, that your products or services have an edge over the competition and are attractive to the market, that your team are ready and able to grow, and that you have validated potential and well-defined opportunities ahead. In step three, we will collectively build that business plan for funding, looking at all aspects of your business. Usually this is done in a series of discussion sessions, plus fact-finding, and market research.

Further steps

Additionally, we can now follow through with specific connections to funders, help with you making your pitch, and more detailed finance and marketing plans to append to your overall business plan. Our GetSet experts – in finance, management, and marketing – will be available to you at this time…

All GetSet Tracks are flexible and extendable, to help you meet your goals for building your business. The GetSet teams are similarly adaptable, with not only local experts available for you, but also specialist skills from the nationwide GetSet teams. GetSet has helped raise over £14 million for small and medium-size enterprises across the UK just over the past few years, both debt and equity, as well as alternative financing.


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