Each client’s business has unique goals, challenges and opportunities, but they share an ambition and determination to grow. Our support focuses on helping you build the bottom line – increasing turnover, profits, decreasing costs, and increasing shareholder value.

Check out our success stories here, and common challenges below.

This is well documented as one of the top two challenges for SMEs across the UK and Europe. An inability to find and attract customers can be a symptom of a range of factors: the fit between your product/service and market wants and needs, the density of the market and your ability to effectively differentiate and position your offering, the customer segments that you’re trying to target or simply the tactics you’re using the reach your market.

We’d pair you up with one of our commercial marketing advisors to have an initial 1:1 session to understand what the underlying factors for your business might be. Then over the following weeks, work closely with you to develop an action plan of strategies to address them. We’d also help you decide which of our masterclasses would be best suited to building your skills and boosting your confidence for implementing these strategies.

Accessing finance is a common challenge for all SMEs, but we’ve got a 98% success rate in helping clients secure finance for their business from a wide range of sources, including micro-finance, crowd, debt, asset, grant and private equity. And we have a wealth of personal relationships to facilitate the process.

Debt funders want to be confident that you’ll be able to meet your repayments and equity investors want to see that you have enough market traction and ability to scale to deliver significant returns. Our expertise enables you to create more robust and validated business plans, with viable and accurate financial forecasts, and the confidence to pitch your proposition effectively.

Launching your product or service in new markets, whether based on geography or customer segments, can be an excellent way of increasing your customer base and market share and scaling your existing assets, processes and strengths. Our expert marketing advisors will work 1:1 with you to research, develop, refine and validate your approach, navigate any obstacles or opportunities that may emerge and ensure you best placed for success.

If your require help accessing finance to bring these plans to life, we’ll also pair you with one of our finance advisors who can help you assess the landscape, determine the best funding option for your business and develop a successful application. You will be invited to attend any of our marketing, finance or business strategy masterclasses to increase your skills and confidence.

When you’re scaling a business, the pace and the pressure grows exponentially – exciting and exhausting at the same time. Rapid growth can also expose pressure points and weaknesses in your business, and put a strain on your operations and processes, when you have least time to deal with them.

Our advisors are here to help you navigate these challenges, building your capacity and capability to manage growth more effectively, exploit the opportunities to build your business, and put control and confidence back in your hands.

Often growing your business involves restructuring and reallocating your internal staff and resources in order to put your business in the best possible position to respond to market opportunities. These can be hard decisions to make – particularly when involving redundancies – and having an external consultant on hand to navigate this process is a good way of ensuring you’re asking the right questions and making sustainable choices.

Through a combination of 1:1 sessions and masterclasses, our marketing or finance advisors will help you take a holistic view of your business, prioritise activities, and determine what resources you need in place in order to stabilize and reorganise your business ready for the future. We’ll also be on hand to support as you go about implementing these changes, helping you stay on track and manage any challenges or opportunities that emerge.