Inspiring Training & Tendering!

We spoke with the founder of Keep it Simple Training Company Ltd to find out how Supply Ready has been helping her business on its journey to growth.

Keep it Simple Training Company was founded in April, 2015 by Grace Graham who had a passion for helping others discover, grow, lead and inspire.   Keep It Simple has a team of experienced trainers who facilitate sustainable training programmes that are quality assured and delivered to a high standard.

In 2017, Grace won the UEL Haberdashers award where she was introduced to the Supply Ready team. She went to receive tender support and guidance from Jessica, completing 4 tenders together and getting through to the interview stage. With the tender knowledge Grace gained from her sessions with Jessica, she was called on to participate in an advisory board for the New Unity Meeting House who were completing a tender for the Heritage Lottery Fund.  Grace helped New Unity complete the bid and joined them in their presentation. New Unity subsequently won their bid totalling £1.73 million – an amazing result!

As with all small business, Grace has struggled with demands on her time and thinking strategically about the medium term.  The Supply Ready team has helped her to focus and looking ahead she has renewed purpose for the business with a vision to deliver more training, to build her team and to win more quality contracts.

The expertise is awesome.  I feel the team bent over backwards for me and I just wonder how many other organisations or services would do that? Supply ready get to know your business and what you’re about. The support has been phenomenal. It’s changed my life. “

Grace Graham