GetSet for Growth Solent Grants

The GetSet for Growth programme focuses on addressing the two biggest barriers to growth and productivity: access to markets and a sound financial strategy.

These two areas of expertise, together with the team for larger businesses, are the critical foundations onto which robust growth business plans and strategies can then be built. 

The Grant process

Our GetSet for Growth programmes in other areas have built a great deal of experience in delivering grants to businesses. The GetSet for Growth Solent programme has a grant component of 25% which enables companies to access support for investment in their business growth through the purchase of equipment or services.

  • Initially, the programme team will provide guidance to help businesses work through the grant application process. This includes checking eligibility and ensuring that the award of grant is compliant with ERDF guidance. You must gain approval for your grant application before committing to expenditure. We cannot support retrospective claims.
  • Each application is then assessed by the programme team with full details given as to the outcome.
  • If approved and the eligible purchases made, the business will be asked to submit receipts to the team. These are then checked and approved in a three stage process by the programme Business Advisor, then the Programme Director and finally the Financial Controller.
  • Once the receipts have been approved as being in line with ERDF eligibility for SME contributions, the grant is issued to the business.

Support for the business from the GetSet Solent team is available in addition to grant awarded which is designed to optimise growth potential for the business as a result of their investment in eligible products or services.

Want to find out more?

If you are interested in applying or have have any questions about the grant process, please get in touch