You’re likely to have between 10 – 50 staff, and have been increasing turnover 20% year on year – or have the clear potential to do so. Rapid growing pains can affect businesses at almost any stage of the business journey. You might have won more tenders or larger ones than normal and jumped into a major supply chain, a change in legislation or market circumstances might have opened up significant new opportunities, or a product or service innovation is gaining fast traction with a wealth of customers.

Whatever the circumstances, scaling up requires strong leadership and direction over not just people, markets and finance, but operations and processes, particularly if growth is sudden. Managing strong market demand, hiring large volumes of people, maintaining quality and performance standards, and financing expansion are just a few of the major challenges, each of which can be overwhelming. We’ve experienced the growing pains of scale up, will help you avoid overtrading and give you bandwidth to focus on what you do best.

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