Work Out Here Ltd

Work Out Here Ltd. is an advertising company based in Hackney that markets and promotes health professionals and fitness experts to the community in order ensure a healthier and fitness oriented lifestyle in London. Having spent two years conducting in-depth research and planning, one of the three business owners, Christopher Larbi, was eager to take his business to the next level and approached GetSet for Growth for support.

In particular, Christopher was eager to expand his database and find more effective ways of both targeting and engaging prospective clients – without it costing a fortune.

In addition to attending a range of workshops and masterclasses with other business owners, Christopher worked closely with GetSet Advisor, Orsi Toth, to segment his customer base, developing clear profiles to align activities and target his messaging. Building on this work, they then produced a structured marketing and communications plan to ensure a steady flow of activity, via channels that would drive the best return on investment.

Christopher says he would highly recommend GetSet for Growth to other business owners, emphasising that this fully funded service had provided far more valuable support and information than any other paid-for workshops or advisors he has used in the past.

“GetSet for Growth London changed our company philosophy by ensuring we understand that failures do occur on the route to success and we can be equipped to handle that. They put us in the right direction, by empowering us with knowledge. They made us believe in our company more than we already did.”

In the future, Christopher is working towards expanding his business concept from east London to other areas of London and ultimately across the country to promote fitness and the concept of good health.