West Coast Academy

Rhea Upsher launched her business The West Coast Academy in November 2013, providing dance and cheerleading clubs and classes in schools across Cornwall. Rhea grew a successful business from her passion for dance, always with the ambition of opening her own academy. The West Coast Academy was beginning to grow when Rhea came to GetSet for Growth in April 2014, looking for help with her business planning and strategy for continued business growth. It was through working with GetSet that she gained the confidence to take her business to the next level.

I don’t think I would have moved into my own premises if it wasn’t for GetSet. They’ve encouraged me, helped me with my financials and my business plan. It has really given me the confidence to take this big leap” Rhea Upsher, West Coast Academy.

The GetSet team worked with Rhea on both the marketing and finance functions of her business. Working with a GetSet Marketing and Sales Specialist helped Rhea understand her market and appreciate the external factors that could affect her business. With expertise on hand to guide her and support her, she also began to think more creatively about marketing her business

It has been great working with Rhea, she is a really passionate business woman with great knowledge of the dance education sector gained from her extensive career. With this in mind the GetSet team focussed on helping Rhea with her business plan, strategy and financials, which gave her the confidence to move into her own purpose built studio. We were really pleased to recognise Rhea’s achievements at the 2014 GetSet Business Awards where she was awarded “Young Business Person of the Year”.” Sam Winters, Sales and Marketing Specialist, GetSet for Growth

Rhea plans to continue to grow and develop her business. Working with GetSet has inspired her to investigate franchising her business model and she is excited by the prospect of increasing creative arts employment opportunities.