Inspired Development

Ben Lake has always been interested in business, starting his first enterprise when still in school. After studying E-Business and Information at University, he held positions at local businesses before deciding to go it alone. Ben’s main inspiration for setting up his own business was not only to make money and be successful, but also to build a business based upon the ethics and values that he believes in.

Ben launched web technology company Inspired Development in 2007. He came to GetSet in April 2014 looking to expand their business model, moving into the field of digital signage. Inspired Development had developed a new Digital Signage System that harnesses data and web technology, feeding it into workplaces and public spaces and enabling the control and quality to be greatly increased and engaging. Ben needed GetSet for Growth assistance obtaining finance to further develop and promote his Digital Signage System.

Karen Hoyle, Deputy Programme Director, GetSet for Growth explains; “Ben is a talented and driven young businessman and has achieved a considerable amount already with the set up of his business. GetSet looked at prioritising how he approached sales in order to drive cash-flow as well as the funding of his innovative ideas going forward. We are delighted that he has secured the funding through working with us and getting his vision across to funders and showing the viability of his ideas.”

Inspired development are now looking to grow their customer both within the UK and globally, having introduced new sales and marketing initiatives. With their team being centre to their offering they will continue to recruit the best developers and graduates. Inspired Development are also looking at their processes and systems working towards achieving ISO 9001 accreditation by the beginning of 2015.

After my first session with GetSet I felt great, empowered and ready to take on the world. Just having a sounding board and getting out of the business environment really does help focus the mind.” says Ben Lake, Managing Director, Inspired Development.