Hartley Bain Solicitors

It was serendipitous that Hartley Bain, a firm of dynamic solicitors based in Stratford, came across GetSet for Growth at a London Chamber of Commerce and Industry event. After speaking with one of GetSet’s advisors, Shabnam Ahmed, Head of Corporate Immigration, was keen to take advantage of the support on offer in order to realise the firm’s ambitions for expansion.

Whilst the partners understood they needed to dedicate time and money to their marketing plans, they lacked a clear understanding of how and where to make that investment as well as what was required to unlock any additional funding.

With the help from one of the GetSet marketing advisors, Hartley Bain developed their marketing strategy; identifying their target market and the different approaches and channels they could employ to target them with the right messages. They also identified the unique aspects of their business that could differentiate them in the market and how they could utilise these niches and their clients’ positive experiences to their advantage.

GetSet finance advisors also assisted the firm with their successful application for finance. This much needed funding will allow Hartley Bain to fully implement their marketing strategy and take on additional staff, including a professional copywriter to assist with their content creation.

Speaking of their experiences, Shabnam said: “Thanks to GetSet, we now implement our marketing activities in a smarter and more strategic manner that yields results. We’ve had a number of articles published, have collected valuable testimonials from existing clients and have been part of some worthwhile and interesting conversations on social media that have resulted in leads for our business. And it has earned us better credibility in the industry. I would definitely recommend GetSet’s services to other business owners.”

With new skills and increased confidence, Hartley Bain is now looking to build on their current expertise and expand into other areas of law. They are also hoping to open additional offices in order to build on their current momentum and success.