Eco-Cleaning – Clean Homes and Happy Customers!

We spoke to Anca Petcu, founder of Eco-Cleaning Bristol, to learn more out about her experiences of running a small business.

Eco-Cleaning has been trading for nine years providing environmentally friendly cleaning services, reliability and peace of mind for a range of locally based domestic and commercial customers.

Driven by Anca’s pursuit of quality throughout the business, Eco-Cleaning is the only cleaning company in Bristol to have been awarded a Which ‘Trusted Trader’ endorsement based on its consistent service and desire to please its customers.  This commitment has helped Anca to increase her turnover year on year and build long-term relationships with her clients, and her employees.

Running a small business is a big responsibility and Anca has invested dedicated time to build her knowledge base and confidence. Working with GetSet, has helped to give her a chance to reflect on progress, and offered practical ways to help improve her commercial awareness and a make plan for the future.

She has taken advantage of the free workshop training too, particularly around operational finance and the importance of cash-flow, along with 1:1 support to identify new ways to generate leads and build the pipeline around her business.  She has also valued the chance to network with like-minded peers and learn from the experiences of other small businesses.

Looking ahead, Anca has a vision to be the ‘go to’ cleaning company in Bristol.  She intends to take on additional staff including a team leader to ensure she can spend more time working on the business rather than in it.  Finally, she’s considering the opportunity for a re-brand and referral scheme to fuel the next phase of growth.

Commenting on the journey so far, Anca says: “Slowly, slowly it all helps. Just get on and do it!