CMA Video

CMA Video is a Birmingham-based video production company operating in the B2B market, producing marketing videos for websites, social media and business promotion. Their mission is to create effective, engaging videos for businesses looking to use video as part of their marketing strategy.

Business owner Adam Snelleksz initially met with GetSet for Growth’s Senior Marketing Advisor, Shabana Zaidi, at a networking event he organises in Solihull called Business Biscotti. The business was at a crossroads and Adam felt as though they were growing too fast for them to handle.

Adam and his business partner Mitchell Remes met with Shabana for a number of 1:1 sessions and they found it really useful to have a fresh, outside set of eyes that could look at the business objectively. These strategy sessions helped them to look internally at the business, processes and structure in a much more critical way. They also attended some of the free workshops available as part of the service, where they were able to pick up new ideas and information and network with other businesses who were in the same situation.

GetSet for Growth has helped CMA Video re-focus their efforts on the key areas for the business, to ensure they got them right before moving on and growing the business – essentially stabilising themselves, and getting strong growth foundations in place for expansion. Having now created a sound, longer term plan and strategy for the business, they are taking a ‘quality not quantity’ approach with their customers to grow revenues and profits.

I would definitely recommend the GetSet for Growth programme to other business owners and already have done! Shabana has been excellent in ‘giving it to us straight’, telling us what we needed to hear. A perfect example was when she took a highly critical look at our website which prompted us to completely revamp it and we have already seen huge dividends in terms of traffic and an improvement in site statistics.

CMA Video hopes to grow the business within the market they are currently operating in and become leaders in it. They are making great progress having already employed an additional full-time and part-time member of staff to their team.

To find out more about CMA Video, visit their website.