Chris Watts Lighting Design

Chris Watts had over 30 years of lighting design experience when he started his own business, Chris Watts Lighting Design, in 2013. Beginning his career as a production lighting designer for the National Theatre, Chris has gone on to lecture in the USA and become highly respected in his field. He has brought his creativity in architectural and landscape lighting to a range of projects, from churches, private homes and gardens to leisure facilities, visitor attractions and even has the odd celebrity house installation to his name.

“Good lighting is all about improving the way people feel about a place and how they interact with it. My designs reflect the need to maximise value, performance and reliability. I work independent from any manufacturer and so can be completely impartial when it comes to specifying fixtures and equipment.

My aim is to deliver lighting designs that are practical, beautiful places that people love to use, which are kinder to the environment, and more efficient to run.” explains Chris Watts.

Chris came to GetSet in 2014 for help with his sales and marketing strategy, looking to grow his business through increased sales and an expanded customer base.

GetSet Marketing Specialist Karen Hoyle wanted to bring out all of Chris’ experience to reinforce his authority and expertise in Lighting Design. A marketing and PR plan was devised to deliver high quality feature articles into lifestyle media, raising Chris’ profile and driving enquiries for his services.

“Quite often people do not realise they are an expert in a field and how valued their opinion and knowledge is. By sharing his knowledge in the interior design world and across the lifestyle press, the aim is to drive a desire to have Chris Watts’ work on projects and build a name that is recognised as a leader in his field” explains Karen.

Chris plans to continue growing his business, hoping to employ additional staff and fill the order book.