Buttermilk Confections

Buttermilk Confections is one of the oldest businesses that GetSet For Growth has worked with, celebrating their 50th Anniversary in 2014. Buttermilk Confections produce high quality Cornish fudge using high-end ingredients and traditional copper pans to create a distinctive, authentic and delicious taste. With their range of Cornish confections already proving popular in the seasonal and tourism markets, in 2010 David and Tracy McDonnell-Goad took on the business from David’s parents. David and Tracy had growth ambitions to move their business forward and wanted GetSet’s help to plan for the realisation of these ambitions.

Tracy explains, “It was great working with the team at GetSet as they are an energetic team brimming with new ideas and have a great breadth of experience between them

Buttermilk worked with GetSet’s Marketing and Sales Specialist team to exploring at a marketing approach for new products. Looking firstly at the viability of a multiple brand approach, Buttermilk settled on moving one solid brand name forward and worked alongside GetSet to establish what were the right products for the national market.

Karen Hoyle, GetSet Advisor gives an overview of her work with Buttermilk Confections, “It was a pleasure working with Buttermilk Confections, with every meeting they made progress. GetSet helped provide focus and ensure that the main objectives were always kept in mind, whilst looking at de-risking the piloting of products, developing clear packaging options and a pricing strategy in line with competition. We were delighted to award Buttermilk Confections our Marketing Growth Award this year as they have truly embraced and invested in growing their brand

Buttermilk Confections now intend to pilot their newly developed product range in an artisan coffee chain, to gather feedback and finesse the range before launching to a wider audience. They have ambitious turnover growth targets for the future and will also be opening a new factory in Bodmin during 2015.